Reproductive Genetics

Preventing genetic conditions in children

The specialised genetics department at Equipo Juana Crespo aims to diagnose and prevent chromosomal anomalies and monogenic diseases in the embryo before it is implanted, preventing repeated miscarriages, implantation problems and potential genetic conditions.

The reproductive genetics department offers patients the most advanced human genome tests and complete advice on illnesses, syndromes and mutations that these detect.


  • Carrier testing

    Carrier testing

  • Tests for monogenic diseases

    Tests for monogenic diseases

  • Cytogenetic tests - Karyotype, QF-FCR, Arrays, FISH

    Cytogenetic tests - Karyotype, QF-FCR, Arrays, FISH

  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis

    Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis

  • Non-invasive prenatal test

    Non-invasive prenatal test

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