• Restoring fertility

Restoring fertility

Minimally invasive interventions to restore fertility or support the success of assisted reproduction

Minimally invasive interventions to restore fertility or support the success of assisted reproduction

For natural reproduction our reproductive organs must be anatomically and functionally undamaged. There are many situations that could alter them, including adherences, fibroids, hydrosalpinx, polyps, malformations, etc. However, with surgical treatment, it is possible to restore the fertility of the reproductive system.

The baseline for success of reproductive surgery consists in restoring the functionality of an organ that, due to different pathologies, has become unusable. This requires a strategy in diagnosis, skills when performing the surgery and making surgical decisions, and attentiveness and talent when handling tissues. In addition, experience is vital to be familiar with the appropriate treatments that support the functional recuperation of the organs causing infertility. Very complex reproductive pathologies such as endometriosis, adenomyosis, fibroids and adherences are treated on a case by case basis to achieve pregnancy. For this, we have the best team of reproductive surgeons who work to eliminate and correct these problems to restore fertility and make it possible for the woman to become pregnant naturally.

Improvement to results in assisted fertility treatment.

In addition, surgery helps us to improve the results of assisted reproduction treatments because many of these pathologies are the reason why the women is unable to become pregnant. Uterine pathologies due to fibroids, adenomyosis, fibrosis, hydrosalpinxs, etc., can prevent quality embryos from implanting correctly, or can cause miscarriage.

The majority of repeated and resistant implantation faults are caused by an unknown and/or underestimated uterine factors. Diagnosing and treating these using all the technology available, such as scans, hysteroscopies, doppler and vocal systems, 3D and 4D scans, is one of our specialities, making us stand out.

In our Assisted Reproduction clinic we have a hospitalisation area with two operating theatres which are fully equipped with cutting-edge technology necessary to perform all types of reproductive surgery. Laparoscopies and hysteroscopies are carried out in the morning and patients remain in our clinic’s rooms for a few hours to be observed by our team’s doctors and nurses. Once they are in a perfect state of health, they are discharged the same day. Once the time indicated by the surgeon has passed, the patient will attend a post-surgical revision, where they will be cleared to attempt to become pregnant naturally, or with assistance, depending on the pathologies.

Our surgical team is specialised in resolving complex pathologies in invasive surgery (laparotomies), that require admission to hospital due to their method of approach or complexity.


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