Excellence in quality of care and technology

The clinic, focusing on the idea of thebirth, plays a key role in the relationship that we have with our patients. Our 2.600 m2 of premises are designed with excellent quality of care in mind.

Consultation area

The clinic has 8 consultation areas with their respective exploration rooms which are fitted with3D, and 4D (dynamic) scanning equipment, and a doppler and vocal system.

In this zone we have the clinic’s reception and patient care area, different waiting rooms, a library with meeting rooms and the samples and extractions rooms.

Hospitalisation and laboratory zone.

The hospitalisation area is separate from the consultation area, to prioritise the patients’ intimacy and allow them to rest. There are 7 individual rooms with private bathroom, and two operating theatres.

IVF, PGD, Cryobiology and Andrologylaboratories fitted with the latest equipment and the most advanced technology on the market make theEquipo Juana Crespo clinic the most specialised reproductive medicine clinic in the whole of Europe.

Donor area

Also separated from the other areas, the donor areas guarantees the privacy and anonymity between donors and patients. It has various consultation rooms, equipped with the best scanners and the means necessary to guarantee our donors the maximum care and the best possible health, psychological and personal attention.

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