• Egg donation

Egg donation

IVF with donor eggs

High rate of successful pregnancy

Egg donation treatment in Equipo Juana Crespo is 100% personalised. In our clinic, we select the perfect donor for each patient.

The donor selection criteria are:

  • Firstly, based on the genetic characteristics of the man (following genetic analysis and posterior study to ensure that they are compatible with the female donor).
  • Secondly, but no less importantly, based on the physical characteristics of the patient (race, skin, hair and eye colour, complexion, height and weight and blood group), as established by Law. 

Equipo Juana Crespo has a very strict egg donation programme. Donors are women aged between 18 and 30 years who are in good health. We also carry out a thorough psychological, medical and gynaecological evaluation, and a test to detect any potential genetic and chromosome alterations (this is vital for correct genetic compatibility with the man).

In general, egg donation treatment has a high success rate, provided that other factors that could cause infertility have been eliminated, mainly uterine factors that compromise embryo implantation. Before carrying out an embryo transfer, we attempt to guarantee the maximum possibility of pregnancy, ensuring that the uterus is in the best conditions possible for a viable pregnancy.

During egg donation treatment, the egg donor undergoes the ovarian stimulation process. Once the eggs are mature, the puncture process is carried out and the mature eggs are extracted to be fertilised in the IVF laboratory. Following fertilisation, the embryos are transferred to the carrier woman. Tests will be carried out to ensure that her womb is prepared to receive the embryo.

In Equipo Juana Crespo we treat our donors with maximum care and respect, and ensure their safety at all times. Just like our patients, they have access to medical attention whenever they need it. 


  • Asignación de la donante

    Asignación de la donante

  • Preparación Endometrial Receptora

    Preparación Endometrial Receptora

  • Punción de la donante

    Punción de la donante

  • Laboratorio y Cultivo

    Laboratorio y Cultivo

  • Transferencia embrionaria a la receptora

    Transferencia embrionaria a la receptora

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