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Your diagnosis is unique
Your diagnosis is unique
Your diagnosis is unique
Fertility treatments absolutely personalized
Fertility treatments absolutely personalized
Your diagnosis is unique
Your treatment too
Your treatment too
Fertility treatments absolutely personalized
Specialists in
Specialists in
Highly Complex Reproductive Medicine
Specialists in
Highly Complex Reproductive Medicine
Highly Complex Reproductive Medicine

The Highly Complex
Assisted Reproduction

After 35 years of experience solving cases considered as impossible, studying and investigating in depth the failure causes of assisted reproduction treatments and miscarriages of so many women, today I am leading a team that practices reproductive medicine at the highest level.  We offer each patient our extensive experience, the most advanced resources, and a leading team, regardless of whether the case is simple or complex.

The Highly Complex Reproductive Medicine makes easy what is difficult and makes possible what seems impossible.

Fertility and
Assisted Reproduction treatments

In vitro fertilization treatment (IVF), egg donation, pre-implantation genetic test (PGT), together with innovative techniques such as Revitalize or reproductive surgeries mean that there are as many treatments as people, regardless of whether it is a simple or a complex case.

Reproductive Medicine based on the personalization of diagnosis, treatments and even technology.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In vitro fertilization is the assisted-reproduction technique that achieves fertilization of the egg cell outside a woman’s body

Egg Donation

Egg donation is the assisted-reproduction technique in which in vitro fertilization is carried out using egg cells from a donor.


Treatment with plasma rich in growth factors with the best results in terms of successful full-term pregnancies

Reproductive Surgeries

Surgical fitness for pregnancy covers all minor and major surgical interventions on the female reproductive system with the aim of ensuring as much as possible that a successful pregnancy can be achieved.

This is our patients profile

In most cases, the origin of infertility or sterility is due to more than one cause. Therefore, a unique, global and personalized strategy developed by a multidisciplinary team in a specialized center equipped with the best technology is needed.

You can check here our results audited and certified by an accredited and independent entity.

Reproductive Medicine

Advanced age, poor egg and/or sperm quality or early menopause, among others, are possible causes of pregnancy failure.

Thanks to a high level of specialization and a global treatment strategy that involves the entire reproductive system, we have achieved that patients with severe endometriosis, uterine congenital malformations or even women without cervix, have a healthy baby today.

Sterility always has an origin, although sometimes it is so hidden that it requires a high level of specialization.


Male infertility

Poor quality eggs

Reproductive Genetics

Uterine Pathology

Unexplained Infertility

Poor Ovarian Reserve

Transgender Fertility

Fertility treatments
from home

At Equipo Juana Crespo have been pioneers in incorporating telemedicine into assisted reproduction. With the same personalisation, the same medical rigour and the same guarantees as face-to-face treatments.

For our international patients we offer all facilities and help to reduce in-person appointments at the clinic. We offer telemedicine services, as well as a network of trustworthy practitioners in the patient’s city who can assist in all the necessary diagnostic exams and checkups during the treatment.

In addition, we offer an exclusive medicalcare service for the follow-up of the treatment, as well as an emergency number that operates 24/24, all 365 days of the year.  

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