• Uterine Pathology

Uterine Pathology

The woman’s uterus could be the cause of implantation failure and repeated miscarriages

When treating uterine problems, the diagnosis process requires an extensive study of the uterus. Due to its morphology and how it changes at different points in the menstrual cycle, the uterus can conceal defects, depending on the moment in the cycle that the examination is carried out.

In the initial proliferative phase (post-menstruation) we can evaluate the existence of sub-endometrial pathologies, while in the later proliferative phase (pre-ovulation) we explore the endometrial morphology. The luteal phase (post-ovulation) is the best moment to evaluate adenomyosis in the myometrium.


  • MRI scan

    MRI scan

  • Diagnostic hysteroscopy

    Diagnostic hysteroscopy

  • Measurement of vasularisation and endometrial thickness

    Measurement of vasularisation and endometrial thickness

  • Functional evaluation techniques

    Functional evaluation techniques

  • Optimal selection of the transfer

    Optimal selection of the transfer

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