The passage of time negatively affects female fertility: over the years, the quality of the oocytes is worse and the ovarian reserve is reduced, which can lead to problems in becoming pregnant.

This is common after the age of 40, although there are also women who suffer a decrease in the quantity and quality of their oocytes at an early age.

In some cases, we speak of primary ovarian insufficiency; in others, of premature menopause.

In order to become mothers, many of these patients must resort to oocyte donation, since their ovaries do not respond adequately to stimulation treatments prior to In Vitro Fertilization with their own eggs.

What is ovarian rejuvenation?

The term “ovarian rejuvenation” is used to encompass a series of techniques, some of them very innovative and pioneering, which aim to reverse processes of primary ovarian insufficiency or early menopause.

Its objective is to help patients to obtain mature eggs for later IVF or ICSI so that they can become pregnant with their own eggs.

Ovarian rejuvenation and pregnancy

To assess the success of an ovarian rejuvenation treatment, we must analyze:

  • Endocrine restoration. Characterized by a decrease in climacteric symptoms (symptoms typical of menopause, such as insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, irritability, feelings of tension, anxiety, hot flashes, unexplained sweating, a feeling of tightness in the chest, palpitations, osteoarticular and muscular pain, vaginal dryness, sexual dysfunction, etc.).
  • The restarting of the ovarian cycle.

On the other hand, the rejuvenation will be considered successful if we can obtain eggs in women, without this process, it would be impossible.

What is the Ovarian Revitalize treatment?

In Juana Crespo Team we have combined different techniques previously used separately and that, united and applied in a personalized way, improve the functionality of the ovaries and endometrium.

This is what we have called Revitalize Ovarian and Revitalize Endometrium.

To understand what Ovarian Revitalize is, we must first explain what is and how the ovarian reserve works.

The ovarian reserve of a woman is constituted by primordial follicles called “dormant” and that are found in the ovary since birth.

Each month, the ovary activates up to 1,000 of these primordial follicles, which gradually develop into a more complete and complex structure called “antral follicles“.

The antral follicles are visible by ultrasound at the beginning of each menstrual cycle and are susceptible to hormonal stimulation, both naturally and by drugs, to mature and become fertilized.

The Ovarian Revitalize treatment allows to boost the transit of dormant follicles (i.e., the innate ovarian reserve of the woman) to antral follicles (i.e., those susceptible to be stimulated) facilitating the formation of mature eggs.

Ovarian Revitalize Techniques

This ovarian rejuvenation treatment is based on the use of three techniques:

  • Mobilization of bone marrow stem cells.
  • Micropunctures (microinjections) of PRGF (plasma rich in growth factors) to improve oocyte quality.
  • Stimulation of growth factors through a personalized protocol.

The Revitalize ovarian rejuvenation treatment can be performed by laparoscopy or by puncture.

It is recommended for women with poor prognosis in assisted reproduction treatments due to poor quality eggs, premature ovarian failure, low ovarian reserve or poor response to ovarian stimulation due to age or diseases such as endometriosis.

According to our experience, women between 40 and 42 years of age who undergo this treatment improve their eggs quality both morphologically and chromosomally in up to 40% of cases.

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