Equipo Juana Crespo is a first-class reproductive medicine clinic, specialising in providing solutions to highly complex fertility problems. It is led by Dr. Juana Crespo as medical director and by Dr. Sara Fortuño as co-medical director. The Management is fully involved in providing an excellent service, managing all resources under the criteria of total quality.


To practice first-class, reproductive medicine focused on customising the patient’s treatment, solving the most complex infertility treatments by drawing on the team’s extensive medical knowledge, cutting-edge techniques and research in reproductive medicine, pioneering technology and upgraded consultancy and laboratory facilities.


To be the leading reproductive medicine clinic specialised in highly complex cases in Spain for both patients and other stakeholders, whether related to the sector or not.


Proximity and Empathy with patients. All Crespo team members encourage proximity and seek to accompany patients closely during and after their treatment.

Honesty. Equipo Juana Crespo undertakes to be honest with patients and place professional ethics above economic interests or the scientific interest that a particular case may arouse.

Continuous improvement and integrated excellence in daily work routines, encouraging creativity and seeking to enhance all established procedures.

Committed to innovation. We are committed to always being at the forefront of any innovation, technological progress or research to provide our patients with the greatest chances of success that science makes available. We actively play roles in conferences, medical societies and other sector events.

Great respect for other cultures, religions, legislations and traditions of all our Spanish and international patients.

Labour relations between our employees and providers based on mutual respect and trust, and always in the framework of legality.