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In Vitro Fertilization

Fecundación In Vitro

In vitro fertilization is the assisted-reproduction technique that achieves fertilization of the egg cell outside a woman’s body.
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Egg Donation


Egg donation is the assisted-reproduction technique in which in vitro fertilization is carried out using egg cells from a donor.
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Planning for fertility

preservar la fertilidad

Planning for fertility is much more than vitrification of gametes: it is the option of deciding when to have a child.
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RPO Mehtod

Metodo ROPA

With the RPO method, reception of partner’s oocytes, one of the women becomes the birth mother by carrying the pregnancy, while the other is the biological mother, providing the egg cell that will be fertilized with donor sperm.
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Preimplantational Genetic Testing

Diagnóstico Genético Preimplantacional

Preimplantational Genetic Testing studies the embryo before transfer and prevents transmission of genetic diseases from parents to children.
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Restoring Fertility

Devolver la fertilidad

La adecuación quirúrgica para el embarazo contempla todas las intervenciones de cirugía menor y mayor en el aparato reproductor femenino con el objetivo de asegurar al máximo que se pueda lograr un embarazo evolutivo.
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