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In-Vitro Fertilisation

In-Vitro fertilisation is an assisted fertility technique where the egg (ovule) is fertilised outside the woman’s body.
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Egg donation

Egg donation consists in carrying out an in-vitro fertilisation process, but the eggs do not come from the future carrier mother, but from an egg donor. The donors that we use in our clinic are young, healthy women who donate their eggs voluntarily to women who are unable to become pregnant with their own gametes.
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Preserving fertility

Fertility preservation treatments aim to preserve gametes (egg and sperm) in the best possible condition so that they are not affected by age and can be used later on for assisted fertility treatments.
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ROPA method

ROPA stands for: Reception of Ovules (eggs) from Partner. With this type of shared motherhood, the two women are fundamental and determining for the assisted fertility treatment to be successful, and both will be the child’s biological mothers.
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Diagnóstico Genético Preimplantacional

This technique allows us to study the genetics of the embryos obtained during the in-vitro fertilisation process, outside the woman’s body. Thanks to PGD, we can prevent the transmission of hereditary illnesses to the future baby, because only genetically normal embryos will be transferred to the uterus.
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Restoring fertility

Restoring fertility

Surgical adaptation for pregnancy includes all minor and major interventions on the female reproductive organs, to ensure as far as we can that an evolutionary pregnancy is possible.
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