Poor Responders

Poor Responders

Personalised stimulation strategy

One of the main causes of low ovarian reserve is age, although it is certain that a woman’s biological age does not always correspond with her ovarian age. Some women are born with fewer eggs, and others develop many follicles during every menstrual cycle. In Equipo Juana Crespo we differentiate between a woman who is a poor responder due to age and a younger patient whose egg reserve is low due to nature.

We apply very personalised and differentiating stimulation strategies, always with the aim to select the optimum cycle that will ensure us the best egg. This involves extensive knowledge of variability of menstrual cycles and a medium term strategy, slowly but surely.


  • Strategy according to ovarian function

    Strategy according to ovarian function

  • Medication and Protocol adapted to each cycle

    Medication and Protocol adapted to each cycle

  • Selection of the optimum cycle

    Selection of the optimum cycle

  • Analysis of hormone patterns

    Analysis of hormone patterns

  • IVF or egg donation

    IVF or egg donation

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