Poor Egg Quality

Poor Egg Quality

There is always a reason for poor egg quality

In our clinic we offer fertility treatment for women with poor egg quality, as there is always a reason for this. With conditions such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Endometriosis, etc., this is treatable in most cases, but there are other circumstances such as age which require a different strategy. Ageing of the eggs is a determining factor for egg quality, making fertilisation more difficult or provoking repeated miscarriages. In these cases we focus our efforts on defining and selecting the best cycles for egg extraction. It is also essential to have a stimulation strategy that will help us to obtain the best egg. 



  • Preparation of antral follicles

    Preparation of antral follicles

  • Treatment with androgens

    Treatment with androgens

  • Supplementation with antioxidants

    Supplementation with antioxidants

  • Detox and weight loss diet with Metformin and Inositol

    Detox and weight loss diet with Metformin and Inositol

  • Directed stimulation to obtain the optimal egg

    Directed stimulation to obtain the optimal egg

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