• Cancer Patients

Cancer Patients

Preserving reproductive capacity

Both chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause transitory infertility or even permanent sterility in both men and women. Thanks to vitrification, we can freeze gametes before they are damaged by the treatment, and once the patient has recovered from the illness, achieve pregnancy.

Some people have a history of cancer in the family. While the majority of cancers have a spontaneous origin, hereditary cancers represent 5-10% of all tumours and are the result of germline mutations in the genes. 

When faced with the suspicion or diagnosis of cancer, we propose treatments that aim to eradicate the illness while attempting to preserve reproductive capacity to achieve pregnancy once the cancer treatment is over.


  • Fertility preservation

    Fertility preservation

  • Breast cancer unit

    Breast cancer unit

  • Gynaecological oncology surgery

    Gynaecological oncology surgery

  • Reconstructive surgery

    Reconstructive surgery

  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis

    Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis

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