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Unexplained Infertility

esterilidad desconocida

There is always a reason for infertility, although sometimes this is so well-hidden that it cannot be explained using typical methods. “They told me that everything is ok, but I still can’t get pregnant” is something that we hear a lot from our patients. In Equipo Juana Crespo, we delve deep into our patients’ medical history, analysing previous treatments, tests and surgical interventions to get to the root of the problem and design a personalised treatment plan to reach the ultimate success: pregnancy.
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Uterine Pathology

patologia uterina

Malformations of the uterus could be the cause of implantation failure and repeated miscarriages, and this often requires surgery. We operate with a purpose: to maintain the functionality of the uterus, which is ultimately to support an embryo. Experience has shown us that, following a miscarriage, the uterus suffers and it can then be difficult to get pregnant again. Many of our success stories come from ‘reconstructing’ uteruses of women who have already undergone several previous surgical interventions.
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Poor Responders

bajas respondedoras

All women are born with a finite number of eggs. Over the course of her life, these eggs are continuously used up until the woman goes through the menopause. As the woman ages, she has fewer eggs, and those that remain are not of good quality. However, there are circumstances that can cause a younger woman to have fewer eggs than usual.
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Poor Egg Quality

ovulos mala calidad

The quality of a woman’s oocytes (eggs) is one of the main factors that affects fertility. Currently, there is no analysis that can predict in advance whether a woman’s eggs are of good quality. Age, smoking, cancer treatment, endometriosis etc, can all reduce the eggs’ quality. Before resorting to donor egg treatment, we attempt to help you to become pregnant using your own eggs.
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Endometriosis is a benign, chronic and progressive condition that tends to invade other organs. Eliminating the adherences that this condition provokes can require further surgical interventions that are more or less complex, affecting other organs and compromising the woman’s fertility.
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Male infertility

infertilidad masculina

Male infertility is related to the quality of a mans’s sperm. Equipo Juana Crespo’s specialised andrology departments stands out, both for our diagnostic capacity to evaluate sperm function, and the application of the most pioneering techniques to select optimum sperm and/or sperm that is free from genetic abnormalities.
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Cancer Patients

pacientes oncológicos

When faced with the suspicion or diagnosis of cancer, we propose treatments that aim to eradicate the illness while attempting to preserve reproductive capacity to achieve pregnancy once the cancer treatment is over.
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Reproductive Genetics

reproductive genetics

Genetic alterations in the embryo are the cause of many sterility and infertility problems. Sometimes, following repeated miscarriages or implantation failure, genetic problems are concealed. Thanks to reproductive genetics techniques, we can detect, diagnose and prevent genetic conditions, achieving successful pregnancies that lead to healthy babies.
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